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Provided focus, direction and growth

Company C had grown nicely in its initial years but that growth had plateaued. The directors were unsure which direction to take the business in next. Lonsdale Consulting worked with Company C to drive out a strategic plan for the development of the business.
The plan provided focus and direction and growth has now been resumed.

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Strategic Partnership

Lonsdale Consulting has strategic partnerships with a number of high quality businesses in specialist areas such as corporate finance, marketing, legal advice and employee relations.
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Company H was in an industry which was becoming increasingly competitive. For a long time the company had been run in a very top down, autocratic manner. read more

Industries Served

  • Accountancy
  • Body protection products
  • Building services
  • Cafes & restaurants
  • Care sector
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Cleaning services and much more...

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